Bamboo You

As I mentioned yesterday, I recently received a pair of bamboo handlebars (why do we think of a single bar as a “pair” anyway?) from Passchier: I knew I’d use these on my artisanal singlespeed mountain bike from Engin: So I opted for the 650 width, since it was close to what I’d already beenRead more ⟶

Classic Cycle Thursdays: Vintage Titanium Road Bike Shootout!

It is my great pleasure and privilege to continue offering you this blog in 2022, long after the very idea of blogging went out of fashion and most practitioners of the craft either moved on to creating other forms of content or simply got real jobs. So as we ceremonially unwrap the brand-new pair ofRead more ⟶

Team BikeExchange-Jayco kicks off 2022 by signing a long-term partnership with Giant Bicycles, Liv Cycling & CADEX

  A new decade has now begun for GreenEDGE Cycling, to be named Team BikeExchange-Jayco in 2022, and with this, the squad is pleased to announce a new partnership agreement with the world’s largest bicycle designer and manufacturer, Giant Bicycles, and their women’s specific partner brand, Liv Cycling, through to 2024. The announcement comes asRead more ⟶

Merry Holidays!

Today is December 23rd–Christmas Eve Eve, or the day some people observe as Festivus by erecting an aluminum pole: [“It’s made from aluminum. Very high strength-to-weight ratio.”–Frank Costanza] By the way, you’ll note there in the lower right-hand corner of that Cannondale catalogue page that their Festivus technology yielded frames that were “light as metal matrix.”Read more ⟶