♫♪♫ “I Wanna Wake Up In A City That Sometimes Bikes…” ♫♪♫

While some might say I’m getting old, I prefer to say I’ve reached step-thru age: Either way, you’re never too old to stop playing with your Platypus. (Sorry.) This week I changed the cheap-ill fitting rear rack for a lightly more adjustable cheap ill-fitting rack that doesn’t rattle when I ride over bumps: I liberatedRead more ⟶

Smugness Is Not A Conspiracy

Words eventually lose their original meanings. Consider, for example, the word “literally,” which now literally means the opposite of what it once did. (“I’m sooo tired of walking, my legs are literally falling off!”) Another word that has lost its original meaning is “consipiracy,” which now means…well, nothing, really. Take the headline of this article,Read more ⟶

Autopilot Engaged: Checking Out The New Flight Attendant Suspension System From RockShox

A few weeks ago, the SRAM/RockShox/Zipp/Time/Am I Missing Anything? performance bicycle component conglomerate (well, technically a PR manager acting on their behalf–one Bobby Lea, with whom you may be familiar from the sport of professional bike riding) asked me if I wanted to try out some secret new suspension stuff RockShox were getting ready toRead more ⟶

This Just In: Not One, But *Two* New Outside Columns!!!

Well, Christmas came early this year…or else here’s one-quarter of your full complement of eight (8) Hanukkah presents, whichever faithway works for you. Firstly, Outside have just published this delightfully satirical column in which I send up the idea of tax incentives for bicyclists: For the record, I’m not necessarily for or against tax breaksRead more ⟶


Mere words cannot convey the many delights of cycling in and around New York City. Even when supplemented by photographs, any attempts to convey the wondrous nature of these environs as experienced via bicycle falls short, like a crumpled-up Post-it® Note [NYSE: MMM181.53 USD −0.025 (0.014%) today] impotently hurled towards a distant wastepaper basket. Granted, the reason forRead more ⟶